Service Attorney fee Filling fees
H1B Visa   $1995 For all filing fees click on the link below

USCIS Fees Page

Fiancee (K1) Visa $995
Spouse(CR1) Visa

CR1 $1250

K3 Additional $250

Change of Status (Form I-539) $ 750
Intra-company transferee (L1) Visa $ 2500
Greencard (employment based) Please contact us
Greencard (family based) $ 2500
H4 related EAD $450
Citizenship (Naturalization) $ 995

(* rate applicable to K1/K3 clients)

Attorney fees mentioned above are exclusive of filing fee, other government fees & costs, if any. .

Please note that our fees does not include :

  • Certification / guarantee as to the outcome of the case;
  • Administrative or court review;
  • Appeals (or MTR) from initial adverse decisions;

Please remember, though we are based in California we accept and represent clients from all fifty states of the US.

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