L1 VISA (Intra-company transferee visa)

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L1 visa is for professionals who want to transfer from a company located abroad to a branch / parent / subsidiary affiliate of the same company located in the US.

 L1 Visa Attorney Manju patil has helped many professionals acquire L1 visa (both L1A for managers / executives AND L1B for specialized knowledge). Our office has also successfully helped start up American corporations in transferring foreign employees to their US offices.

 L1 visa is also a potential immigration pathway to the US for many future immigrants as an L1 Visa employer may sponsor an L1 employee for a greencard. As a result, the utmost care is required in preparing a strong L1 Visa case supported with several types of evidence establishing the relationship between the entities, the relationship between the employee & the foreign entity, the foreign employee's eligibility, the need to transfer such employee etc.

L1 Attorney Manju PatilL1 Visa Attorney Manju Patil can guide you through this complicated process to help you obtain the L1 visa so you can focus on growing your business here in the US.

 Fill out the form in the left side of the window or call L1 visa Attorney Manju Patil at 213 805 2265 about how the Law Offices of L1 Attorney Manju Patil can help you getting your L1 Visa.


L1 visa is a non-immigrant (temporary) visa and is available to an alien to transfer him/her to work in the US for an employer for whom (or whose parent / subsidiary / affiliate) he/she has worked abroad for 1 continuous year within the past 3 years as a manager/executive or specialized knowledge staff capacity.

Manager/executive is issued an L1A visa while Specialized knowledge staff is issued L1B visa which is initially valid for 3 years and can be subsequently renewed for 2 years at a time. The total period of stay is limited to 5 years for specialized knowledge workers & 7 year for managers / executives.


Any type of business whether it be a corporation, partnership, non-profit organization or a government-owned entity can apply to sponsor an L1 visa. The sponsoring US organization must be a parent or subsidiary or branch or affiliate of the foreign employer of the L1 beneficiary.

New Office L1A:

A manager / executive may come to the US as an L1 beneficiary for opening a new office after providing the evidence to show :

  • Real estate for opening new office has been acquired (leased or owned); ;
  • Beneficiary was employed in managerial / executive capacity for at least 1 continuous year in the immediately preceding 3 years;
  • The proposed employment in the US involves managerial / executive authority over the new operation; and
  • Within 1 year of the approval of the petition, the proposed US operation will support an executive or managerial position.

Dependants of L1 beneficiaries :

The spouse and dependent minors of an L1 beneficiary may receive an L2 visa. The spouse of an L1 beneficiary may, upon arrival in the US, also apply for work permit.

  L1 Visa Attorney Fee is only $1695.


  • Provide an estimate of costs involved (i.e. filing fees, attorney fees & costs);
  • Provide a checklist of documents required for filing the L1 visa petition;
  • Prepare the petition (i.e. application) for L1 visa along with all necessary attachments & supplements;
  • Submit the application to USCIS;
  • Advise you on an on-going basis of the progress of your case;
  • Intimate you of approval of your L1 visa petition;
  • Provide you a copy of all papers filed.

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