Naturalization is the process by which an alien may acquire U. S. Citizenship. For this the alien must have become a permanent resident first and must have maintained permanent resident status for 5 continuous years before applying for naturalization (3 years in case the permanent resident has been married to a USC).


The naturalization process in brief involves the following steps:

  • Filing of an application in the prescribed form together with the necessary filing fee & documentation;
  • Scheduled USCIS fingerprinting;
  • Scheduled interview;
  • Scheduled swearing-in ceremony.

The application is filed in the USCIS service center having jurisdiction over the applicant's place of residence in the U.S.


  • Provide an estimate of costs involved (i.e. filing fees, attorney fees & costs);
  • Provide a checklist of documents required for the naturalization application;
  • Prepare the petition (i.e. application) along with all necessary attachments & supplements;
  • Submit the application to USCIS and co-ordinate until initial decision in the case is made by USCIS;
  • Intimate you on receipt of approval of your petition;
  • Advise on preparing for the citizenship interview;
  • Advise on any incidental issues;
  • Provide you a copy of all papers filed.




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