What is Greencard?

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For many immigrants to the US, a Greencard is a point of "Lived Happily Ever After". A greencard brings with it the freedom to travel unrestricted to the US, freedom to live and work in the US legally as long as you want.

What are most common ways of getting a Greencard?
Most people take one of the two paths towards Greencard.

  1.  Through Employer where the current US employer sponsors you for the Greencard  (called "Employment Based Greencard") and
  2. Through family, where an American Citizen sponsors the spouse or a relative for the greencard (called "Family Based Greencard").

Whatever the path that you take, it is important that your immigration to the US is handled by an experienced Greencard Attorney. Improperly prepared immigration documents, misguided applications can not only cause inordinate delays in fulfilling your dream of getting a greencard, but also can cause rejection of application as USCIS becomes increasingly stricter regarding following guidelines and process.

Why Choose Greencard Lawyer Manju Patil?
Being an immigrant herself & having personally gone through the intricate immigration procedures, Attorney Manju Patil is proficient in preparing & filing accurate greencard petitions. Over the period of last 7 years, Greencard Lawyer Manju Patil has helped numerous immigrants acquire Greencard through both employment as well as family sponsored category.. Here are some of the highlights about Attorney Manju Patil.

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Please click on the testimonials sections to see the comments of some of our happy clients who were helped by Greencard attorney Manju patil. For a quick response and diligent service, Fill out the form on the left side of the window or call Attorney Manju Patil at 213 805 2265 to find out how the Greencard Attorney Manju Patil can help you getting your Greencard.


Employment Based (EB) greencards are divided into five categories. Some of these categories require labor certification from the Department of Labor (DOL).

Category Description
EB1  Priority Workers
EB2 Advanced degree professionals or exceptional ability.
EB3 Skilled workers, professionals & other workers.
EB4 Certain special immigrants.
EB5 Investors.

The general procedure involves filing a Labor Certification Application (also called "LCA" or "PERM") with the Department of Labor ("DOL") for certification, in cases where LCA is required. Upon certification of the LCA, the I-140 is filed and finally the I-485 is filed when the priority date is current. EB1 category usually has a current priority date at all times. Therefore, many prefer to file under this category. However, not many qualify for this category as the eligibility standards are not easily met & petitions under this category are strictly scrutinized. Other EBGC categories involve a waiting period since one must wait for their priority date to become current before filing the greencard petition. Department of State issues monthly visa bulletins which gives an idea of approximate wait times & current priority dates for each category. The most recent visa bulletin can be viewed at the following link :

Visa Bulletin


An alien can get a family based greencard through sponsorship by a close relative residing US if such relative is a permanent resident (i.e. greencardholder) or a US citizen (USC).

A USC may sponsor the following relatives :

  • Greencard for Spouse;
  • Greencard for Married or unmarried son or daughter;
  • Greecard for Parent or sibling, if the sponsor is 21 years or above.

A greencardholder may sponsor the following relatives :

  • Spouse;
  • Married or unmarried son or daughter;

FBGC are divided into the following categories :

Category Description
F1  Unmarried Sons and Daughters of U.S. Citizens.
F2A Spouses and Children of Permanent Residents
F2B Unmarried Sons and Daughters (21 years of age or older) of Permanent Residents
F3 Married Sons and Daughters of U.S. Citizens
F4  Brothers and Sisters of Adult U.S. Citizens

The general process involves filing an I-130 petition followed by filing the I-485 greencard application when the priority date is current. Priority date for spouses of US Citizens is always current. For other categories one may review the visa bulletin for an idea of approximate wait times and current priority dates. The visa bulletin is published monthly by the Department of State and may be found at :

Visa Bulletin

Greencard Renewal:

Not filing for Greencard renewal may put you out of status. For help with Greencard Renewal, contact our office at 210 805 2265.


  • Provide an estimate of costs involved (i.e. filing fees, attorney fees & costs);sts);
  • Provide a checklist of documents required for applying for the greencard;
  • File the application for Labor Certification (PERM), if applicable;;
  • Prepare the petition for the greencard along with all necessary attachments & supplements;
  • Co-ordinate correspondence with DOL / USCIS if required;
  • Advise you on an on-going basis of the progress of your case; case;
  • Assist you in preparing for the greencard interview;
  • Provide a copy of all papers filed.